The Samir Group is committed to good corporate governance, which is vital to creating trust and engagement between the Group’s management and its stakeholders and adhering to best practices on corporate governance through setting and achieving appropriate strategic business objectives.

Sound corporate governance policies are important for maintaining the confidence of stakeholders and creating sustainable shareholder value. Our Board of Directors is committed to standards of corporate governance that are in line with international best practice. The Board complies with the corporate governance requirements as set out in Companies Law (as amended) and other applicable Cyprus Laws.

The Board of Directors provides leadership of the Group within a framework of prudent and effective controls, which enable risk to be assessed and managed. At the same time, the Board sets the Group’s values and standards and ensures that its obligations towards its shareholders and are understood and met.

We acknowledge our responsibility to our shareholders, employees, partners and customers in Cyprus and abroad, moreover, we believe that we have a responsibility towards the broader community. We are committed to maintaining high levels of transparency and accountability in our management practices. Therefore, we have implemented a number of measures in order to comply with legal and ethical responsibilities.

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